the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

and though we may be getting older


mama llama yama


The one-l lama,
He’s a priest.
The two-l llama,
He’s a beast.
And I will bet
A silk pajama
There isn’t any
Three-l lllama.

poem: the Llama, Ogden Nash
images from 8 awesome antique llamas. this one with Harriet Chalmers Adams

six for our rolling bones

she’s waving


I used to tell you my dreams.
Last night I saw a woman sitting in a dark bus–
In the dream, she’s weeping, the bus she’s on
Is moving away. With one hand
She’s waving; the other strokes
An egg carton full of babies.

image: clemson clay nest

poem: siren by louise gluck

the more she hides and abandons her femininity


“For me, a woman who is absorbed in her work, who does not care about gaining one’s favour, strong yet subtle at the same time, is essentially more seductive. The more she hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence.”

― Yohji Yamamoto

this image: unfortunately cannot find the source.


random fashion post: tassle and clogs



reality studio

and lusting after these: luisa boots

because there is something about the name luisa and almost being named louise.



arizona necklace by tammy tiranasar

titan arum


As if a corpse had risen from somewhere deep in the meadow
And walked in its shadows quietly.

poem: nine-panel yaak river screen by charles wright
the corpse flower is in bloom

yes or no?


Ask yourselves: Has the sheep eaten the flower, yes or no?

the little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

image: beach sheep by vicki sawyer

either way



Am I dying?
I am beautiful.
Either way.

roger ballen

The collected poems of Robert Creeley, 1945-1975: 1945 – 1975


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