the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: May, 2007

Más cornadas da el hambre



today my heart is a hungry torero

and emilio de la morena is El cordobes.

(by way of the shiny squirrel)


it’s a virtual yard sale

it's a virtual yard sale

i’m cleaning out the closets and some goodies are up for grabs.

fish necklace


from here.



it’s a sing-a-long

Look what they’ve done to my brain, Ma
Look what they’ve done to my brain
Well they picked it like a chicken bone
And I think I’m half insane, Ma
Look what they’ve done to my song

a siamese cat eye view



Christian Dior Resort 2007

Cathy Horyn described it as

  • the Middle West of Arkansas and Oklahoma
  • vibrant redneck couture quality 
  • a kind of couture sensibility that never made it to Dallas or Fort Worth but maybe got as far as Oklahoma

she’s probably right. in fact,  I see what she’s saying. but, wouldn’t it be more fun if someone described Galliano’s latest stint as a tribute to the days of shopping at value village pre-ebay? 

those were the days! 

an endless heap of gold lame, sherbet colored taffeta, 1960s prom dresses, silk tunics and pantsuits with intricate beading and paisley trim. all for under $5.00!

it was a time when thrifting and wearing vintage was a huge faux pas. a secret uncovered and embraced by the very few: an awkward youth, a drama geek,  an ecentric or an outcast who couldn’t afford gucci and guess labels, who were awful at layering colored tshirts with matching socks and keds. 

somehow, molly ringwald’s character from pretty in pink spoke to us.

several years later, lady miss kier came along.

and suddenly we wore beehives and flips.

and our closets were packed with platforms and paisley pucci print dresses 

and, of course, the thicker the eyeliner the better the cat eye.  

so, in my head (at least for today) galliano’s latest journey is a time warp into my high school closet and a reminder of lady miss who inspired the groovy looks we used to wear to the raves downtown.

(deelite and lady miss kier photos from here). 


clog hoppin’


fashion weaknesses:

  • 70s wooden clogs
  • polka dots
  • milkmaid headbands
  • little girl bangs
  • baggy knickerbockers

photo from here

hand me downs


(from another magazine by way of here)

three rocks and a handful of sand



for the queen bee


may it begin with breakfast in bed

complete with toast, vegan margarine and half a canister of cinnamon.

A weaving fork from the juniper tree

Navajo weaver.jpg

I am reaching to find you Spider Woman.

I am a woman without a tribe.

Patternless with an empty loom, cheap and manufactured,

like the ones sold en route to the Grand Canyon.

A song from the weaver has failed to come

during the monsoon, there is only rain!  

I struggle with my first stitch.


Today young weavers are instructed to find a spider web in the early morning dew glistening with sunlight and sparkles and place the palm of their right hand upon the spider’s webbing without destroying or damaging the web, and the gift of weaving will be transposed into the young weaver’s spirit forever.