the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: June, 2007

“every time your picture is taken, you lose a part of your soul”



Drink a bit, laugh a bit, love a little more,
I can supply your need,
Think a bit, chaff a bit, what’s it all for?
That’s my Eurasian creed.

Half-caste woman, living a life apart,
Where did your story begin?
Half-caste woman, have you a secret heart
Waiting for someone to win?

Were you born of some queer magic
In your shimmering gown?
Is there something strange and tragic
Deep, deep down?

Half-caste woman, what are your slanting eyes
Waiting and hoping to see,
Scanning the far horizon,
Wondering what the end will be?

—by Noel Coward, 1931

( anna may wong’s cabaret song)


don’t sell your moccasins just yet

native american chic has arrived!!!

(sara luna)

a quote for the empty notebook


“kiss me and you will see how important i am.”

                    ~sylvia plath.

inside pandora’s box: seashell necklaces

from face hunter 


“My mistress with a monster is in love”


Lisa Law: New Buffalo Commune, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, 1967

happy summer solstice fellow hippies and skeleton dancers!

music and memory



Eugene Atget Cour, 28 rue Bonaparte 1910


“Perhaps all music, even the newest, is not so much something discovered as something that re-emerges from where it lay buried in the memory, inaudible as a melody cut in a disc of flesh. A composer lets me hear a song that has always been shut up silent.”

                                          Jean Genet from Prisoner of Love

where home is a garden in utero


diy: turban

black grandma panties+black sock=turban.

see for yourself here

fortune cookie says


“you have a reputation for being straight-forward and honest”


a laurel for a hardy



bloggeress no good for me referenced Paul Hardy’s show as “if Galliano went green.”

she’s so right on.