the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: August, 2007

ballade at thirty-five


This, no song of an ingénue,
This, no ballad of innocence;
This, the rhyme of a lady who
Followed ever her natural bents.
This, a solo of sapience,
This, a chantey of sophistry,
This, the sum of experiments, —
I loved them until they loved me.
Decked in garments of sable hue,
Daubed with ashes of myriad Lents,
Wearing shower bouquets of rue,
Walk I ever in penitence.
Oft I roam, as my heart repents,
Through God’s acre of memory,
Marking stones, in my reverence,
“I loved them until they loved me.”
Pictures pass me in long review,–
Marching columns of dead events.
I was tender, and, often, true;
Ever a prey to coincidence.
Always knew I the consequence;
Always saw what the end would be.
We’re as Nature has made us — hence
I loved them until they loved me.

Dorothy Parker


which french chanteuse are you?

charlotte gainsbourg: listen

carla bruni: listen

francoise hardy: listen

jane birkin: listen

bridgette bardot: listen

vanessa paradis: listen

grande dame: listen

you always go to the parties


i wore a red russian trapeze coat the night we met

he told me he had a mechanical heart

i asked to touch his chest.

on our second date, i never appeared.

the red house painters (song for a blue guitar) played inside.

i left his book on the doorstep

and we never saw each other again. 

(recalling an old memory as i listen to beach house)

sleeping turkey

dearest boca,

you asked for my advice on how you should style your mohawk. i told you an ear cuff with dangling feathers but that didn’t catch your fancy.  so, i’ve had to resort to the above picture. if you’d like a strand of turquoise or coral to wear with your lavender scarf let me know i’ll be happy to make you one.


tina turner by the train tracks.

fall inspiration and monday morning goodies

                                          worn grannies and what a headband!                                          shaggy purse                                         knitted sweater dress

                                                       (all from the f.hunter)

elephant bells


                                        (from facehunter)

…and kimono-like corset belts.

music from my college dorm room


The Wigan band split in 1999 amid heated personal conflicts, with frontman Richard Ashcroft going solo and insisting the chances of a Verve reunion were, as he put it, “about as likely to happen as The Beatles reforming with John and George.”

guess what?

uh huh.

gray skies or just gray hair

in between black and white are pigments of gray. but what about love and hate? is there such a thing as in between or is it merely “either you love or you don’t?”


i’ve made the decision not to dye my gray hair. as a result, they’re coming in like wild dandelions, reckless and noticeable. originally, i thought i’d wake one morning to find all my gray hair lying flat in one dense area, making a lovely emmy lou harris streak…not so much. almost a year has passed since the first dozen appeared, and the grays are everywhere lacking order and restraint.

i recently bought a box of temporary hair color in what would later be known as a borderline relapse. I was feeling too young to go gray. After all, i’m in my early 30s and having these rowdy strands sticking up and in random places can look frumpy, messy and simply blah.

but i couldn’t do it. (have i grown attached to them already?) if i began the battle, i would surely lose…the task of dying, redying and hiding.  i quickly realized it just isn’t worth it. i’m supposed to go gray whether i like it or not.

so i’d like to think i’m currently going through one of those awkward growth spurts (much like junior high) that one must pass before they enter the gates of womanhood or, better yet, before they are granted a head full of white hair.

lately, i’ve come across woman who are proud of their grays, wearing them like a rare fashion accessory. after all, there is something insanely euro and intelligent about a woman who goes gray. here is how it is done:

 (above photos from the sart)

(and didn’t jovovich-hawk use a gray-wigged model in two of their lookbooks?)

And we will be so happy in my ape man world

I think I’m so educated and I’m so civilized
cos I’m a strict vegetarian
But with the overpopulation and inflation and starvation
And the crazy politicians
I don’t feel safe in this world no more
I don’t want to die in a nuclear war

(more lyrics here)

Grey Panthers

(from trovata fall 2007 via

the solution on how to wear last season’s colored tights with this season’s grey (or gray).

and while we’re on the subject, did you know?

  • In folklore, grey is often associated with goblin folk of several kinds. Scandinavian folklore often depicts their gnomes and nisser in grey clothing. This is partly because of their association with dusk, partly because these races, including elves, which often are outside moral standards (black or white).
  • “Greys” has been used pejoritavely by environmentalists to describe technophiles as being those who like granite, concrete and other city materials, as opposed to using the term “greens” to describe those in favor of environmentalism.
  • A “grey person” is someone who goes unnoticed, a wallflower.
  • Tiny grey aliens, with large, tear-shaped black eyes are referred to as “little greys” in popular UFO conspiracy theories and in science-fiction.

and one more i just came across: