the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

how to do turquoise


(found it on the moldy doily…)


wheel of fortuna

madame fortuna is my new girl crush.

see her things and save your pennies…her pieces are worth it!

go here.

she’s also featured in our lastest issue of phoenix picks:

We’re Riding with Lady LuckMadame Fortuna is a woman you want in your life.  Legend has it that when you wear one of her custom necklaces, good things happen.  We believe it.  Her relic necklaces can be filed with anything under the sun—Fido’s fur, baby’s first tooth or a hand-written note.Our mother once told us to keep a strand of lover’s hair.  If he does you wrong, do a little voodoo with it.  Send a clear message to lover: don’t mess with your heart, or you’ll voodoo his head

nightgowns on the runway

the benefits of being obsessed with fashion and checking fashion blogs daily is the ability to fashion predict.  perhaps this is why most fashion bloggers are big thrift store shoppers. i wish i could share my latest secondhand score because it has this rodarte thing going on:


take out the sheer, the sequins and the fancy hodge podge and what you have is a wonderful ill-fitting/drape-like nightgown.  the latest score has this shape going on–but better–it’s pleated! the fricking dress pleats and flairs!

if i didn’t live in phoenix, if every day was a fashion parade, i’d wear my new nightgown with a black unitard.