a heart and a bucket


i was the geeky girl in oversized eyeglasses and white Gitano jeans who ate lunch by herself in the library. always ducking under the radar, listening to mazzy star and writing poems about crawdads.  then, one day, the most popular girl in junior high decided to take me on as her new pet project, which made me a little insecure and excited that somebody might actually like me.

when wendy b tagged theue for the thinking blogger award this morning, i was reminded of this lost feeling. i actually can’t believe that this lovely ossie clark-wearing extraordinaire would think of the ue (much less read the post about the departed eucalyptus ).  

I’m flattered, a little embarrassed, but oh, so excited to share this award with five  blogs that have inspired brain candy, envy and etc.

The ue officially honors these five blogs for the thinking blogger award (read this for instructions on how to claim your prize):

  • when losing it in az showed me the secret post that she had penned, i needed her in my life immediately. recently, i experienced a softer side to losing it that gets me all sentimental and mushy inside. i put my dull, lifeless hair in her hands; and guess what? these gray hairs are shining because of her.
  • peter and the hare understand my anna ahkmatova crush. and i’m super jealous that the hare found and posted this picture before i did.
  • i’ll never get past my minirobot crush. she makes me fashion daring.
  • me and boca, we go way back. it’ll always be the case that boca knows how to brown nose professors and write about rats better than i ever will.
  • and finally, paxgitmo’s blog that always gets the brain motor moving. plus, i love her famous ducks.

p.s. thank you wendy!