the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: February, 2008

it takes two to make it outta sight


is it narcisstic or tongue-in-cheek to wear an image of yourself on you?
and what if the shirt was designed and illustrated by burfitt?

(photo of carine from here)



on getting old:

i imagine myself salt and pepper with layers of turquoise and squash blossoms. a black gown with red dirt decorating the unhemmed seam. 

( such a great spread)

a little bit of momma’s voodoo never hurt


notes from our los angeles heyday:

when i tended bar at the good old coach and horses a mysterious fella who had hair very similar to the very young keith richards (above) would come in, order a beer and sit in the darkest corner. the jukebox played the pretender’s:

Got brass in pocket
Got bottle Im gonna use it
Intention I feel inventive
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

i knew one day he would be mine…


even if it meant i had to transport him to the desert, lock him up in a shanty and feed him nectar from the agave cactus.


time line of my youth:

  •  jelly bracelets and neon
  •  grunge
  •  swing kids (1992).

looks like it’s already on deck!

(from the facehunter)

it’s in the water…



talitha as a glama-mama.

(a good post on the topic and photos from here.) 

… and one more while on the hunt.


from a great getting to know talitha site: here 

i spy



hair clips on grown women. A+

(both from here)

i’m too old for the headphones but everything else.

(from here)

saguaro bones

mother & child

(by the talented madeline.)

the graying sparrow


outfit for 33. 

and music for its preparation:

“What a deformed thief this fashion is”


(molded resin and elbow length gloves)
i wore shoes just like this in high school.

(photos by the sart from here) 

(quote by shakespeare) 

what a drag

Candy Darling, NYC, December 7, 1970

Fred McDarrah, Candy Darling, NYC, December 7, 1970 

because the shoes i’m wearing bring out the inner drag queen.

and some music too: killing smile.