“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

by theuglyearring

(photo from here)

old age is attractive to me.

a head of white hair, red lipstick, wearing turbans, smoking cigarettes hand-rolled by lover, owning a camel, showing up at bella’s piano recital with 10 lbs of necklaces and fingers layered with rings (including a queen min ring), and saying fabulous things that stick to walls.


i really like renata mohlo. 

here she is in her own words: 

the sart: dress to impress who?
rm: Myself: in the meaning that dressing for me is just a way to share the space with others, so sometimes I feel like giving a strong contribute to the picture, and sometimes I just need to be transparent, to pass through without making any noise. But it’s always referred to my mood in relation to the others.


from fashion indie:

On why no one should go to fashion school:

“These schools today are pretty useless. They are very theoretical. What do you need theory for? Nothing. What you need is experience, to have lived and seen and done other things in life. I taught for a while and I used to tell my students: ‘Seeing one picture by Chagall is much more important than reading all the issues of Vogue ever published.’”

On what happened after the magical ’80s ended:

“Everything turned into a soulless homage to other things we had seen before. Think about the era of successive revivals that began after the 80s. For example, even today in most runway shows the music is nothing but a mix of 60s, 70s, and 80s music. It’s a big empty hole. Nothing is exciting anymore, and most things are tremendously boring. Often, the best things are written by unknown editors and journalists, while the big names seem to sign things off with their left hand. Haven’t you noticed that nobody expresses an opinion anymore?”

quote by stendhal.