the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

she could have been a poet (or a fool)

(be still my college thesis…photos from here)

(photo of denise levertov; from here)

In Mind

There’s in my mind a woman
of innocence, unadorned but

fair-featured and smelling of
apples or grass. She wears

a utopian smock or shift, her hair
is light brown and smooth, and she

is kind and very clean without

but she has
no imagination

And there’s a
turbulent moon-ridden girl

or old woman, or both,
dressed in opals and rags, feathers

and torn taffeta,
who knows strange songs
but she is not kind.

(poem by denise levertov)


this is what happens when you major in english.

(from here)


i’m bewildered by the latest dose of street fashion. never in the history of geekdom have we been regarded as chic; unless, of course, when gals like claire standish decide they want to help a lost cause.

don’t get me wrong the dork girl with her unstyled hair, ragamuffin outfits and oversize glasses will always be the star of my saturday book club meetings.