the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: July, 2009

an overgrown backyard +


a subtle hint for lover:

a bamboo teepee

pretty please?




today’s fixation: DIY leather bow cuff

(photo from bebelestrange)

gray thoughts

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“A forty year-old woman is only something to men who have loved her in her youth.” ~ stendhal


monsoon sweater


where can i find one for myself?

(from garance dore)

baba + turban


from jak&jil and more: catherine does catherine

Three for the Road


 1. you know it’s time that we grow old
2. the cliche of gray hair
3. a glass house made from plastic bottles


“Downstairs ran the Giant in great joy, and out into the garden. He hastened across the grass, and came near to the child. And when he came quite close his face grew red with anger, and he said, ‘Who hath dared to wound thee?’ For on the palms of the child’s hands were the prints of two nails, and the prints of two nails were on the little feet.
    ‘Who hath dared to wound thee?’ cried the Giant; ‘tell me, that I may take my big sword and slay him.’
    ‘Nay!’ answered the child; ‘but these are the wounds of Love.’
                                                   (from oscar wilde’s the selfish giant)

monday’s heavy


(via here)

seriously awesome

1 4

6 3

burkas, headscarves, velvet, and studs.

(givenchy fall 2009)

ocean play date

DSCN3833-pola   DSCN3834-pola

DSCN3842-pola  DSCN3852-pola

DSCN3939-pola   DSCN3868-pola
the season before one becomes two.
and three becomes four.