by theuglyearring


saturday’s dream:

In my childhood bedroom, two black widows made their home under the bed. Each day their web became more elaborate and grandiose until they had taken over half of the queen size bed (including the pillows where one would lay her head). I tried to explain to my father he had to get rid of them immediately.

I watched them the night before, late into the evening, dart playfully under and over the pillows.

“What if the girls’ were to sleep in the room?”  I asked him repeatedly.

The thought of their spindly spider legs trekking across bella’s sleeping chest or little m’s newborn head turned into panic. Yet, I could not capture the thimble-size arachnids myself.

In a fit, mainly because of my nagging, he went into the bedroom and broke the widows’ web. He failed to remove the widows from the room.

significance of dream:

Two widows remain in my past.