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and a few things about rosemary:

  • The Romans used it as an aphrodisiac
  • Young maidens would slip sprigs of rosemary into their pillowcases so that their true love would come to them in dreams
  • A bride would ceremoniously give a sprig to her new husband to ensure he would remain faithful
  • It was used to line chests as a repellent to moths
  • It was thought to cure all manner of spots, marks and scars on skin, as well as to improve the breath in the morning and evening, and to prevent baldness
  • Its symbolism of remembrance inspired Greek students to twine it in their hair to stimulate memory while studying, and to drink it as an infusion to prevent forgetfulness
  • Rosemary was Napoleon’s favorite perfume – he used more than a hundred bottles of rosemary water on his honeymoon alone