the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: February, 2010

culture club

It isn’t your typical parade of soccer moms,  in front of the Heard Elementary school. Instead, there are sarongs, hijabs, geles, and a beautiful array of  textiles from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The hodgepodge comes to a crescendo as the mothers wait at the stoplight with their children (ironically each dressed in the same blue-and-white uniform).

It is the highlight of my morning drive to work, the most fashionable corner in Phoenix. But I’ve noticed something lately – the mothers have become more Americanized.

Like sifting through a Goodwill rack, the corner has evolved into a different kind of eye candy.  One day it’s a ’90s parka with a GUESS? logo embroidered across the back paired with a Thai sarong and flip flops;  or a pair of sneakers peaking out a black Jilbab.  Sadly, the corner is becoming more homogenized, evolving into a cloud of gray and denim and blue and white uniforms vs. the bold prints and colors, head scarves and wraps of days past.

My, how quickly the colors fade…

(photo by viviane sassen by way of horse hunting)


cat fancy

“there are no ordinary cats.”


cardigan hipster

College dude: No, seriously, she tries to dress like you.
Hippie girl: You think?
College dude: Yeah, but she can’t pull it off because you dress like a hipster. In fact, any attempt she makes is futile.

(overheard in new york)

dear self,

didn’t you get the memo?

a dress over jeans is so 2003.

(and possibly en vogue again?)

the frog prince

“Their tadpoles cannot survive without the care of both their father and mother, as there is too little natural food in their smaller pools.

So the adult frogs stick together.

Overall, the researchers believe they have found convincing evidence of an evolutionary chain of causation: changing the breeding pool size forced the mimic poison frog to change its system of parental care, with males and females working together. That then culminated in social and genetic monogamy.”

(i love this report.)

wear your love like

“in her first passion, a woman loves her lover, in all the others all she loves is love.”
~ lord byron

wanton behavior

round up

gathered some things from fashion week:


Vena Cava


Gary Graham


Karen Walker


in transit

said the man to his mother:

mother: What is your most terrifying fear?
son: Dying before you.
mother: Thank you, son.

(photo: a hat for isabella …from a mcqueen.)

scents and sensibility

my mother was Channel No. 5.

i was XS (until i learned it was discontinued).

it has been a brutal parting with the fumes of 1994 (when i first started wearing it) contained in its now empty bottle.

how do i start over?

where do i begin?

it’s a parting i refuse to accept.

(and on a totally unrelated note:  joan’s cigarettes.)