35 things for 35 years

by theuglyearring

(in no particular order)

  1. Hot air balloons
  2. Fitting into my beloved 684s… after the birth of M.
  3. Song Sung Blue
  4. Downy Wrinkle Releaser (but that smell) so I went DIY. Now it’s vanilla or lavender depending on the mood.
  5. First edits and big thoughts
  6. Ami cutting garlic with a butter knife.
  7. Facial Moisturizer (because it’s time to think about those things)
  8. 1940s gabardine jacket (with no moth holes) + wood print top+ denim wrap skirt
  9. Seashells
  10. Carbonated water with ice
  11. When this makes it on the shuffle
  12. Rainy Day + Coffee + Lover + Sitting Outside
  13. Wood earrings
  14. The Hohokam
  15. A vintage Horse cardigan
  16. Gray Sweatshirt + black leather skirt + black lace up boots
  17. Virtual Coffee dates over the phone with the lady friends
  18. Daughter kisses and toothless baby grins
  19. Orpheus by Franz Liszt (what a heartthrob)
  20. New Hair
  21. The long drive to LA
  22. Tadpoles
  23. When lover cleans the kitchen
  24. Gardenia soap
  25. Chips and Salsa
  26. This year’s green house and what will grow inside
  27. Phosphorescent Ocean
  28. Cats sitting on the wooden fence
  29. Excited little girls greeting me at the front door
  30. A quartz rock while hiking
  31. Mother
  32. Two Daughters
  33. Bearded Other
  34. Older
  35. Better Than I Was