the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: April, 2010

the season for gila spotting

  • The Apache believed that the gila’s breath could kill a man
  • The Tohono O’Odham and the Pima believed that it possessed a spiritual power that could cause sickness
  • The Seri and the Yaquai believed that the Gila monster’s hide had healing properties

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The Ring

The ring was
three times too small for a finger,
even a piece of string could not go through it!
So I asked her,
Woman, why have you sold or given me this ring?
Nunlike she bobbed her white head-scarf chastisingly,
black eyes, black under her eyes, she said,
Something is being taken away.
You must keep seeing: everything
must be turned to love that is not love.

going in to death,
can you do it: love
something that was there that is being taken away.

Jean Valentine

(photo: schiaparelli gloves)


designer Bahar Alipour and this.

her wings

My mother wanted me to be her wings to fly as she never quite had the courage to do.  I love her for that.

I love the fact that she wanted to give birth to her own wings.

~ Erica Jong

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dangling pearls



(photo: Lucille – Dakota maiden 1907 (E. S. Curtis))

love letter

(from here)

Love among the Zulu people was a very private matter. A traditional woman would never say “yes I love you.”

Love must always be kept secret.

Love messages are transmitted in a most confidential manner, i.e. through beads. Traditional Zulu women always respect their husbands and believe that if they want anything they may write a letter made from beads to pass the message. They are normally made by young girls when they first lean the beading from their old sisters or mothers.

Here are some clues to understanding the meaning of the colors used in the various messages:

  1. White (obumhlophe): Whenever I see you my heart goes white as the milk of cattle when they are milked in the morning or my heart goes white as the goat’s milk.
  2. White (obumhlophe): I love you very much – ngiyakuthanda kakhulu
  3. White (obumhlophe): I am not laughing, angihleki
  4. Red (obubomvu): My heart is full of blood, inhliziyo yami igcwele igazi
  5. Ruby (umlilwana): I love you so much, ngiyakuthanda
  6. Red ( obubomvu) I am angry, ngidiniwe
  7. Red (obubomvu) for intense and jealous passion or eyes red with watching for beloved.
  8. Carnellian (umgazi): Usuthukuthele yini? Are you angry with me?
  9. Black (obumyama): Ngithukuthele kaba nabakithi bathukuthele, I am very angry as are my ancestors.
  10. White (obumhlophe): Uhlekani? What are you amused about?
  11. Red and White (intothoviyane): zikhala zome izinyembezi zothando, the tears of love will dry.
  12. Blue and White (inkankane nobumhlophe): Ngiyohamba ngikhala ngingahleki, ngikhumbulu isoka lami, I will sing a song that will always stay in my ears.
  13. Black ( Obumyama) : I wish to wear a leather skirt, ngifisa ukuqgoka isidwaba/ umshodo.
  14. Dark red (umdubu): Ngidubekile nenhliziyo yami ibuhlumgu ngawe. I am tired even my heart is tired too.
  15. White (obumhlophe) Faithfulness
  16. Pink (isiphofu): You are poor, you don’t have money to pay the lobolo, umpofu awunalutho nisho izinkomo zelobolo.
  17. Black (obumnyama)  :  Darkness (to the man – means that you won’t get me, I am in love with you)
  18. Green (ithunzi) : Noma ngiyakuphi ngofika ngithole izihlobo, ngokuziphatha kwami , Whereever I go I will make friends as I behave well with others.
  19. Lavendar (Ijuba) : Hamba juba lami bayokuchutha phambili, Go away my dove they will fix you up where you are flying to.
  20. Black ( omumnyama) : Kumnyama kimi indlela eza kuwe angisayiboni ngivenjwe uthando. I cannot see my way through these difficulties.
  21. Pink (umgcawu) : Izindaba zethu uhamba uzikhuluma emasthwaleni. You discuss our problems of love affairs with the drinkers.
  22. Dark Pink ( umdubu) Inhliziyo yami idubekile sengikhathele angazi okufanele ngikwenze. My heart is tired of it all, I do not know what do.
  23. Dark lapis ( inkankane) : Liyajabula inkankane lona elikwazi ukundiza likhala lithi lithi ngahamba gahamba.  The ibis is luck, because if it flies it can also sing. I am going away, I am going away, let us go.
  24. Bottle green ( Inyongo yenkukhu) : Bayokuchutha phambili njengenkukhu, noma ngabe wenzani. They will pick you up in the same way a fowl’s feathers are plucked off, whatever you do and wherever you go.
  25. Turquoise (ifefe) : Musa ukufefeza inzndaba ezingekho ngami. Do not repeat secrets unnecessarily and indiscriminately.
  26. Pink (Isiphofu) : Ngikuthanda noma uhlupheka ungenalutho. I love you even through I know you don’t have enough money or cattle in your father’s kraal.
  27. Yellow (Income): Muhle kimi noma ningathini ngiyamthanda. She/He is handsome enough for me. (The girl is telling her friend that as far as she is concerned, that boy is good enough.)
  28. Orange (Iputukezi): Ngiyahamba ngiya kosebenza kwelabamhlophe kwandongaziyaduma khona ngizothola imali yokulobala othandiweyo wami. I am going to work with whites in Johannesburg so that I can have money to pay lobolo for someone I love.
  29. Light blue (ubulwandle)
  30. White: (obumhlophe) Ngiyinkosazane emhlophe. I am a virgin.
  31. Green (okuluhlaza): Ngiseluhlaza, ngimuncane. I am a green, innocent child, but old enough to be courted.

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the yucca

Handmade yucca cordage necklace: here

or make your own: here

or use it to treat sprains and dandruff: here


(map: here to here)


Apotheosis was classed as an avant-garde movie, or was at least meant to be. Or something like that. It  showed John and Yoko dressed in black capes and hoods driving to the Suffolk village of Lavenham. While there, they filmed a hot-air balloon taking off and followed it as it travelled through the sky. Then comes some views of the snow covered fields and then the screen just becomes blankly-white.

What it all means still remains a mystery.