yucca sandals

make your own yucca sandals:

Things You’ll Need:

* 116 yucca leaves

Step 1
Make two bundles of 6 yucca leaves each. These are the warps.

Step 2
Cross the two ends closest to you to form the characteristic fish tail and the heel of the sandal.
Step 3
Place your foot on the unfinished sandal with your heel where you just crossed the two bundles. This is to help estimate the size you will need your sandal to be.

Step 4
Take another leaf and tie the two bundles together where they are crossed to form the heel of your sandal. The bases of the leaves should be alternated from one side to the other.

Step 5
Create 14 bundles of 3 leaves each. These will form the wefts.
Step 6
Take the first weft bundle and criss cross it over the warps in a figure eight pattern. When you get to end of a weft bundle, get another, tie it to the end of the finished weft bundle and pick up where you left off. Do this until you reach the halfway mark on the sole of your sandal.

Step 7
Insert two yucca leaves on each side of the sole from the front so the leaves are facing towards you. Knot the short end to the weft leaves where you inserted them. These will be the side straps.

Step 8
Continue weaving the weft and the warp together until the sole is completed. You should check the size by putting your foot on the sole periodically.

Step 9
Knot the two ends of the final weft leaves to form a toe ring.

Step 10
Put the toe ring over your second toe, and tie the side straps across the top of the foot and then tie them to the toe ring.

Step 11
Trim the bases of the leaves once your done weaving your yucca sandals.

Step 12
Repeat Steps 1 through 11 to make a second yucca sandal.

Tips & Warnings
Try weaving the ends of the leaves into the sole of the sandal rather than knotting them if you want to avoid the knots being visible on the sole portion. The side straps and toe ring ones are going to show. Create your sandals from fresh yucca leaves rather than dried ones as the leaves will dry into the shape of the sandal, making them stronger and longer lasting

(diy from here)