the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: June, 2010

je vai dormir

“I just have one hope: that I die before Yoko does because we have become so much of an equation together that I don’t think I would have the strength to go on without her. Oh, I don’t mean I would commit suicide; I just mean life would be so empty. I hope I die before Yoko, because if Yoko died I wouldn’t know how to survive. I couldn’t carry on.”


the features of a Bergerac

digging acne’s latest resort collection (and what lurks in photo 2: toe hang and a revamped texas tuxedo).

daydream believer

In the 1950s, some educational psychologists warned parents not to let their children daydream, for fear that the children may be sucked into “neurosis and even psychosis”.

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hiroshima mon amour

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this week’s staple

one of the best things about fourth grade – studying hieroglyphics

Symbol of Adore Adoration (dua) – “Adore”
Akh Akh (akh) – “Effectiveness”
Symbol of Ankh Ankh (ankh) – “Life”
Symbol of Ba Ba (ba) – “Soul”
Symbol of  Baboon Baboon (ian) – “Sun”, “Moon”
Basket (nebet) – “All”, “Lord”
Symbol of Bow Bow (iunet, pedjet) – “Enemies”
Symbol of  Brazier Brazier (khet) – “Fire”
Symbol of  Cartouche Cartouche (shenu) – “Sun”, “Pharaoh”
Symbol of  Cobra Cobra (iaret)
Djed symbol Djed Column (djed) – “Stability”
Symbol of Ear Ear (mesedjer) – “Hearing”
Symbol of  Eye of Horus Eye of Horus (udjat, wadjet) – “Sun”
Symbol of  Feather Feather (shut) – “Truth”
Symbol of Gold Gold (nebu) – “Tomb”
Symbol of  Headrest Headrest (weres) – “Sun”
Symbol of  Heart Heart (ieb) – “Soul”
Symbol of Ka Ka (ka) – “Conscience”
Symbol of  Knife Knife (des)
Symbol of  Knot of Isis Knot of Isis (tiet) – “Life”
Symbol of  Lapwing Lapwing (rekhyt) – “Peoples”
Symbol of  Lotus Lotus (seshen) – “Lower Egypt”
Symbol of Menet  Necklace Menet Necklace (menet)
Symbol of  Mouintain Mountain (djew)
Symbol of  Nefer Nefer (nefer) – “Beauty”
Symbol of  Palace Wall Palace Wall (serekh) – “King’s Home”
Symbol of  Papyrus Papyrus (mehyt) – “Upper Egypt”
Symbol of  Phoenix Phoenix (benu) – “Sun”
Symbol of Pool Pool (she) – “Water”
Symbol of  Praise Praise (henu) – “Praise”
Symbol of Sa Sa (sa) – “Protection”
Symbol of Sail Sail (hetau) – “Breath”
Symbol of  Scarab Scarab beetle (kheper) – “Sun”
Symbol of  Sekhem Scepter Sekhem Scepter (sekhem) – “Power”, “Might”
Symbol of Senet  Board Game Senet Board Game (senet)
Symbol of Shen  Ring Shen Ring (shenu) – “Eternity”
Sistrum  symbol Sistrum (sesheshet) – “Placation”
Symbol of Sky Sky (pet) – “Sky”
Symbol of Star Star (seba) – “Afterlife”
Symbol of  Swallow Swallow (menet) – “Souls”
Symbol of Tree Tree (nehet) – “Life”, “Rising Sun”
Symbol of  Vulture Vulture (neret)
Symbol of Was  Scepter Was Scepter (was) – “Power”
Symbol of West West (imenet) – “Afterlife”

the branches grow out of me

A Girl

The tree has entered my hands,
The sap has ascended my arms,
The tree has grown in my breast –
The branches grow out of me, like arms.

Tree you are,
Moss you are,
You are violets with wind above them.
A child – so high – you are,
And all this is folly to the world.

Ezra Pound

(photo by Fabio Giannelli)

classical rock

on her ipod:

Grace Jones and Vivaldi, Schubert and Duran Duran, the disco of Paradise Garage and the voice of Maria Callas, more swing of the seventies by Doctor Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.

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“Women talk about getting older as if it’s a disease, something to be terrified of. But it’s not my experience. It feels really good to be 35. As I get older, I get a nice sense of knowing more what I want.”
~Phoebe Philo

while driving

Her first run-in with public opinion came, ordinarily enough, while driving.

“A woman in the car next to me was waving, honking, motioning for me to roll down my window,” she said. “I tried to ignore her, but finally, we both had to stop at a light. I rolled down the window and braced myself. Then she said ‘Excuse me, your burqa is caught in your door.’

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random family portrait

creating a home has uncovered some truths:

  • i can’t peel potatoes
  • children will clean (for cookies)
  • hand-drawn portraits of the triangle family with exposed intestines are wonderful
  • bleach is a loyal cleaning companion
  • dusting? ha!