the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

big wishes

I found a wishingbone
and asked for world peace
but the world just broke in half
and there were no more geese.
I noticed this and asked for it to become whole again.
I still had the wishingbone
and I asked for no more wars,
but the bone misunderstood
and there were no more apple cores.
— Bridget Smith, grade 6

(photo: witch or (wish) doctor)


the wife of an old pond


There was an old woman I wished up.
She was the wife
of an old pond.
You could watch her swim in her husband
if you were
in the hiding bushes.
She spoke to him by the way she swam

One time in their lives there was no rain
and the sun began making the pond smaller.
Soon the sun took the whole pond!
For many nights the old woman slept
near the hole where her husband once lived.
Then, one night, a storm came
but in the morning there still was no water
in her husband’s old house.
So she set out on a journey to find her husband
and followed the puddles on the ground
which were the storm’s footprints.
She followed them for many miles.
Finally she came upon her husband
sitting in a hole. But he was in the wrong hole!
So the old woman brought her husband home
little by little in her hands.
You could have seen him come home
if you were
in the hiding bushes.

(couldn’t resist one more wish from here)

wolfing hour

“Is it true that a woman who lives a long time with a man eventually winds up being like that man? I mean, she loves him, and tries to think like him, and see like him? They say it can change a person. I mean to say, if I had loved him much less, and not bothered so of everything about him, could I have protected him better?”

(from bergman’s hour of the wolf)

fish bone

(from here)