1. several rounds of wet cough, dry cough, runny noses, sore throats,  and fever
  2. cold rain, 20-degree mornings, frost on the window shield, and graupel (what those in the desert call snow)
  3. a rat visitor and a victorious cat
  4. a very clean kitchen
  5. the warm in lover’s studio
  6. teaching a writing class for children
  7. gifts from a student: a drawing, a colored page from a coloring book, her honey-nut cheerios
  8. the echo of their voices as they read aloud and a swollen, aching heart afterward
  9. little M and a few of her words: wheatgrass, i love you, happy, sad, crying, die
  10. the scarf my mother gave
  11. two little girls ( little mothers) walking through the house with baby dolls in their arms