21 summers

It wasn’t unpleasant. We have known her since 1917, when she was a blossoming gal of 21 summers. It’s a wonder she never married. Now we can understand. She had so many thousands of swains that it would have been unfair on her part to smile on any one.

What’s more, a Comstock heiress living in such a fantastic castle surrounded by seven moats was enough to frighten off the most ardent suitor. She had a dowry of $1,000,000 in 1936 but never got around to bestowing it.

The Grande Dame had the usual array of stuffed birds and lacquered fish. But she also had Egyptian mummies and an anaconda 18 feet long, wound around a tree. And apes and bears and bulls from the taxidermist’s.

It’s hard to keep a tidy house with all that junk around. Climbing those stairs every day with a turkey feather duster was just too much for her. Her brave heart gave out in her 56th year, much too young for a grandmother.

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