the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

Month: October, 2011

there were

joan didion and daughter quintana
and a hunt for honey:
honey bear by dixie wilson



# occupy

Not under foreign skies
Nor under foreign wings protected –
I shared all this with my own people
There, where misfortune had abandoned us

One day, somehow, someone ‘picked me out’.
On that occasion there was a woman standing behind me,
her lips blue with cold, who, of course, had never in
her life heard my name. Jolted out of the torpor
characteristic of all of us, she said into my ear
(everyone whispered there) – ‘Could one ever describe
this?’ And I answered – ‘I can.’ It was then that
something like a smile slid across what had previously
been just a face.

pieces from requiem by anna akhmatova
image:  here

when you break thru

when you break thru
you’ll find
a poet here
not quite what one would choose.

I won’t promise
you’ll never go hungry
or that you won’t be sad
on this gutted

but I can show you
enough to love
to break your heart

poem: song for baby-o, unborn by diane di prima
image found here

womb cocoon

One that a woman lives within
The wrappings of this strange cocoon.
Her hands reach from these veils of death
To harvest a child from the raw womb.
from poem: the nuns assist at childbirth by barbara howes


a 1930’s Handmade Modernist Crazy Quilt: here


the 1,000th post


greetings from the vortex.

glittery and golden

“A mother who is really a mother is never free.”
~Honore de Balzac


sweater weather

from here

in yourself you stretch

To be in love
Is to touch with a lighter hand.
In yourself you stretch, you are well.

painting: Jenny Saville, Study for Pentimenti I by way of marvelous kiddo
from poem: to be in love by gwendolyn brooks