the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

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the randoms

image of rei shito by all the pretty birds
a nice DIY – braided hex nut bracelet/necklace
a saturday walk in the park and a scarf turban


And now — now it only remains for me to light a cigarette and go home.

~Clarice Lispector

(lost the trail from photo but is from sunset blvd.)

it’s the combination

“You can’t consciously create something that’s important, it’s a combination of chemistry, conditions, the environment, everything and it’s not something you can orchestrate. It’s a freak of nature and I love stuff like that.”

~siouxsie sioux

water is the substance

“Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings
them to our very lips.”

~Jean Giraudoux, The Madwomen of Chaillot, 1946

(photo from child of the moon)

the pinnacle

a blue velvet turban and an elephant-print kimono!

my goodness.

(photo: here)


the turbans

(via vanessa jackman)

it has been awhile

bianca in turban.

and regarding the famous wedding trouser suit:

“My wedding suit and hat were designed by Yves St Laurent. Everyone thinks I was making a deliberate fashion statement by wearing the jacket without a shirt, but they didn’t realise I was pregnant with Jade when we married. “Yves made the outfit at the beginning of my pregnancy – by the time I married, the shirt was too tight.”

in my everyday mind

this is the everyday ensemble.

Discarded, thrown away


today as i was driving down mcdowell road a woman pushing a shopping cart wore a turban and cardigan.
the homeless in phoenix are quite chic.

head case


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equals genius.