out of the labyrinth

i recently received an email from a woman who found a pair of my earrings featured here several years ago. She mentioned that she spent the last two years looking for where she could find my jewels. It was the most surprising, flattering email i’ve ever received, especially after bella’s arrival when i put the daydream of designing jewelry to rest. Much like the “everybody can make a scarf trend,” jewelry making has become a common craft and accessible hobby; and so many do it extremely well.

So, in a way, the fire smothered; and i was left to my own vices, creating gaudy pieces for myself and occassionally a gift for a friend or two. There’s something rewarding about creating jewelry, perhaps it’s the instant gratification of completing something, or maybe it’s just because one can never have too many ugly necklaces and earrings (hence, the birth of this blog).

She mentioned how she wanted a pair of earrings for her wedding day similar to the ones she had found in the magazine. Other than the big fat wedding ring and dress, the earrings would be the centerpiece. Of course, i agreed to make them for her.

While my own personal pieces and preferences are much more decadent and bold; i toned it down and worked with the parameters she gave me: silver, smokey quartz, similar in design to the ones she coveted, and she did not want the earrings to wear her (i.e. not too gaudy).

So here is what the inspiration well delivered:

(please excuse the bad photog skills; they’re really bedazzling in person)

on a different note, i shared the earrings with losing it who mentioned that they incited thoughts of this:

then she and i got to talking about how this film was the first time we experienced that tingling feeling in the loin purse. we both agreed seeing david bowie with long hair and man tights was the defining moment when we realized we were attracted to the opposite sex.

but then losing it upped the ante and won the pot when she confessed she still has a labyrinth poster framed on her bedroom wall.