the ugly earring

ug‧ly [uhg-lee] offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance

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resting place


“He could see the grave site from his studio and his apartment.”

final resting place: here
image: Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti, Cordes Junction, Ariz., August 2000
paolo soleri: June 21,1919 – April 9, 2013


and then we connect with a machine

EGG: So how would you describe your alternative?

PS: I was trying to come up with a planetary hermitage. We tend to be hermits, especially now with the computer technology. Which means we tend to separate ourselves from everybody else and then keep in communication through the computer technology. Which is like a “magic” technology, and it’s going to stay with us for good. But this communication is mostly virtual. It’s based on virtual things, and that doesn’t go very well with our bodies. We have a brain and we have a body, and if we separate the two from each other we are going to get in terrible trouble. And that’s what we tend to do now. We separate our brains from our body, and then we connect with a machine. The machine bridges us to the next brain, so we have this level of communication and learning, and a database that tends to be virtual. So that’s the hermitage I’m talking about.

EGG: What does the rest of the architecture world think about you?

PS: I’m not that interested, really. Oh, the usual. That he’s a clown. That he’s a visionary. The true visionaries are the clergy and all the theological systems that we have around. Those are visions, they are not realities. Those are visions.

(inside and outside with paolo soleri via mondoblogo)
(interview: here)